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Silo Services

We offer comprehensive silo services from silo cleaning, maintenance, coatings, repair.

With more than decade of professional experience in silo construction, our company has handled diverse silo type and store material. We deliver our project in time, comply with safety practices and offer quality services through our state-of-the-art construction technology and proven construction method.

Our silo services are:

  • Silo cleaning (hygiene, bridging, blockages, clearance)

  • Silo Maintenance

  • Painting, coating, waterproofing

  • Silo repair 

  • Non-Destructive Test

  • Inspection (Visual and drone inspection)

  • Restoration

  • Machine installation and renewal.

Services For Your Silos


Comprehensive cleaning for handling silo at any scale with innovative solutions.

Silo contruction I.jpg

Non Destructive test to check silo integrity.

Drone 6_edited.jpg

Silo inspection driven by health and safety management.

Silo contruction E.jpg

We perform internal and external lining for your silo and tank


Proactive maintenance to extend a silo useful life and restore silo integrity, for inside and outside silo.


Emergency support for repairs and urgent rensponse


Contact Us

Do you need help for upcoming silo project? Get in touch with our experts for solution available and a quotation to meet the needs of your project. 


+81 476 35 3160


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