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Non - Destructive Test

Many old silo structures are still in use and operation around the globe. Since silos are generally exposed structures, they are vulnerable to the environmental loads and negative impacts of harsh climate. This would accelerate the deterioration of materials such as steel and concrete, which in turn could result in a number of structural or durability concerns in the long run.

Routine inspection and condition assessment of these facilities will minimize or eliminate the risk of catastrophic failures.


Non-destructive evaluation can help facility managers with accurate information about the structural details, and assessing the extent of defects.  

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A practical and cost-effective solution for estimating the compressive strength of concrete with minimal damage to the structure.

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A non-destructive method to detect potential internal corrosion and damage of structural steel using ultrasonic waves.

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A gas leak testing to detect and trace up leaking source of flon, LPG, town gas, Methyl bromide, ammonia and others.

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