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Silo Repair

We repair more than 50 silos each year, offering improved airtightness through combination of optimum selections of materials and the seasoned craftmanship of silo expert.

With more than decades of professional experience in silo maintenance and repair, we have handled diverse silo type and stored material, concrete silo and steel silo. Steel and concrete silo repair options included silo inspection, Neutralization Test, Non-Destructive Test (NDT), crack repair, rust preventive application, lining, painting, silo roof repair and renewal, waterproof, composite fiber reinforcement, air-tightness test, hopper skeleton repair and renewal, restorations and many more. 

Besides typical repairs that industrial silos can require, we also offer maintenance and repair services for components that work in conjunction with the silo, including conveyor, fill pipe, spreaders, goosenecks, ladders, safety cages, chutes, doors, unloader suspension systems, and more.

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