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Company Overview

Plant Base Co., Ltd is a leading company from Japan that specializes in the maintenance of silos and tanks. We have offered our services to many customers offered our services to many customers to date and boast a proven track record. 

With more than decades of professional experience in the silo maintenance and repair, our company have handled diverse silo type. 

Business areas:

Silo hygiene, cleaning, bridging, inspection, repair, coating, waterproofing, plant maintenance, concrete repair, frame work, general construction, Stage Tower, YP Series.



Masaaki Igarashi began silo business in Okayama Prefecture.


Plant Base incorporated. Head quarter in Okayama, Japan.


Kanto Sales Office established.

Recognized as a unique company by the Okayama Prefecture Industrial Promotion Foundation

Recognition as a business that supports the development of unique businesses in Kurashiki City


Recognized as a "New business Associated with a different area" by METI Chugoku

Construction License (General-21): Governor of Okayama Prefecture No. 23519


Recipient of special award for new business in the Chugoko Region.


Kanto branch established


Construction license (General-28): Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport No. 26390

Kyushu Sales Office established



Certified as Companies Driving Regional Growth by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Japan


Awarded the Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300 Program by METI Japan


SDG award for contributing to the revitalization of local communities

Company Philosophy

At Plant Base, we believe that human resources are the foundation of the company. Developing human resources leads to everything from construction quality, customer satisfaction and corporate growth. We focus on creating an environment where employees can work safely and with high motivation, and on training to nurture excellent human resources.

We take safety seriously and establish strict standards. Thus, we are able to gain the trust of our customers in silo construction, where work-related accidents frequently occur.

We are able to hone expertise and skill while working as a silo maintenance specialist. We believe that three evolutions of original technology, safety and human resources will lead to the improvement of Plant Base's construction quality and perform construction that satisfies our customer

Patents and Trademark


Japan Patent No. 4843327 The construction of temporary scaffolding for the interior of structures which are hollow 


Japan Patent No. 5823461 Support structure for scaffold and method for setting up suspended scaffolds

Japan Trademark Registered No. 5750349 "Stage Tower"


Japan Patent No. 6357287 Method for discharging particles stuck inside hollow structure


Indonesia Trademark IDM000856286 "Stage Tower"

Indonesia Trademark IDM000856324 "Plant Base"


Japan Trademark No. 6228874 Plant Base


Indonesia Patent IDP000080185 Method for discharging granular powder brought into fixed state inside hollow structure


United States Patent No.US 11,524,838 B2 Method for discharging granular powder brought into fixed state inside hollow structure

Head Office: 

101 Sunlight Bldg, Bakurocho, 382 Bakurocho, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, 710-0824.

Kanto Branch:

53-2 Sanrizuka, Narita, Chiba Prefecture, Japan,


Phone: +81 476 35 3160

Kyushu Sales Office:

4216-14 Minamiyokomachi, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, 882 0092.