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Silo Cleaning

We perform internal cleaning and inspection essential for silo maintenance, dust cleaning and disinfection work to prevent dust explosions and fires before construction.

Grains left unattended for many years become a breeding ground for insect pests, causing hygiene problems. We recommend to do regular silo cleaning.

In the past, silo cleaning and inspection were done by setting up a single-tube scaffold, or by descending vertically from a gondola by one person and visually inspecting the silo from a distance from the wall. Single-pipe scaffolding requires time and money, while gondola moves up and down, making it impossible to make accurate decisions, and the working range is narrow. 

With Stage Tower, you can clean and inspect every nook and cranny. It has a lightweight structural, no obstructive material and you can save unnecessary costs.

Silo Bridging

The bridging phenomenon is an unavoidable issue for customers with silos and tanks. From a small amount of rathole to a completely closed bridge, we can handle all kinds of grain conditions, including grain that has been left unattended for many years.

We set up Stage Tower at the top of the complete bridge closure inside the silo, and the boring is performed from there.

Conventional Method Problem and Stage Tower

In the conventional bridge work, scaffolding can not be set up in the hopper section, so the method of hitting the silo from the outside and the method of entering from the bottom of the silo and discharging by human power have been adopted. However, the method of hitting the silo is very inefficient, with about 1 ton of bridge being ejected even if the silo is hit more than 1,000 times a day with a large rubber hammer. Many factories have banned it due to the risk of death from being buried alive (more than a dozen fatalities in the last 10 years).


Plant Base set up Stage Tower and work with strict safety measures. We have a complete guideline for bridge work for different bridge situation and construct it with a safer and more reliable construction method.

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