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Silo Lining

Based on diagnostics and investigations that we have cultivated over many years, we use a resin-coated lining construction method based on reliable foundation repair. For silos that have deteriorated over time and have cracks on the surface that can no longer maintain airtightness, we perform careful surface treatment such as scraping and mortar repair to restore the soundness of concrete. Restoring to a durable silo will increase airtightness and extend the life of the silo. After applying primer, we apply the undercoat, putty, middle coat and top coat.

For concrete silo, we use our products to enhance the protection of concrete silo. However, we can also help you to choose the correct silo lining material based on your silo needs.

Our Product

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Premium quality, Nanotechnology water-based primer, penetrates deeply for maximum bind strength.


A low-viscosity, quick drying solvent type epoxy resin primer that adheres strongly. Conforms to Japan Industrial Standard.

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Environmentally friendly lining material for inside concrete silo and tanks, conforms to Water Quality and Food Standard. 


Two-component epoxy food grade coating, with high performance, low odor and excellent chemical resistance for inside concrete silo and tank.


Contact Us

Do you need help for upcoming silo project? Get in touch with our experts for information of our product solution available and a quotation to meet the needs of your project. 


+81 476 35 3160


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