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Stage Tower®

Thoughts on Development

The biggest concern in silo maintenance is industrial accidents. In particular, fatal accidents due to grain collapse occur frequently at silo-owning companies nationwide. The reasons for this include the lack of installation of safety equipment due to the inability to secure scaffolding during work and the construction from the outlet at the bottom of the silo. With a strong desire to eliminate work-related accidents, we developed the Stage Tower after struggling to find a safe, efficient and low-cost method of construction.

What is Stage Tower® ?

Stage Tower is a special mobile scaffold developed for inspection, cleaning, bridging, and construction works inside silos and tanks. The scaffolding for one step of single-pipe scaffolding automatically moves freely up and down in the silo like an elevator. We have obtained patents for the construction methods using our proprietary Stage Tower.



Shape and Size

The shape of the Stage Tower can accommodate all sizes of main bins, sub bins and tanks. 

Wide View.jpg

Wide view

You can clean, inspect and repair every nook and cranny in the silo.


Lightweight Structure

Material-efficient, less energy and easy to mobilize. It moves freely up and down in the silo.


Structure Safety

Multiple measures are in place to prevent falls. In 2011, on Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, we were working on the Stage Tower installed in the disaster area. There was no damage to the platform and the workers were able to safely evacuate from silo

Center Corrector.jpg

Center Corrector

If the upper opening of the silo is not in the center, it can be installed using a center corrector.

Trademark Stage Tower.jpg

Patents and Trademark

We have acquired various patents and trademark in Japan, Indonesia and other countries


of using the Stage Tower

  • Shortening of installation and dismantling

  • Improve of workability

  • Accurate diagnosis from an overall perspective

  • Shortening of overall construction period

  • Less material, less transportation cost and scaffolding rental fees. Cost reduction.

  • Partial repair work in silo is possible

  • Safety structure prevents industrial accidents

  • Compatible with both main and secondary bins

  • Compatible with concrete and steel silos

Comparison with
Conventional Method

Services and Support

Technical Assistance

A range of safety, installation, maintenance and operator training courses are available.

Design Engineering

We can design the Stage Tower based on your silo needs.

Customer Support

Providing information, managing complaints, observing product and spare parts order


Contact Us

Get in touch with our experts for more information about Stage Tower, solution available and a quotation to meet the needs of your project. 


+81 476 35 3160


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