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Drone Business

We provide the utilization of drones in numerous situations specializing in safety and health management. We also provide support for the introduction of drones, such as drone operation technology, schools, infrastructure development, drone sales and maintenance.

Our drone school is accredited by Japan Drone Association. See here.

For inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Michishita

Drone Business Department​​

Aerial Drone

Providing drone inspection and report for silos, confined spaces, factories, equipment, etc. Safer and more secure drone operation and accurate reporting. Support for selection and introduction of safety and health that suit your company needs.

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Underwater Drone

Underwater drone inspection for jetty terminal, offshore structure, aquaculture, and many industry utilizing powerful light industrial-grade underwater drone.

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Drone School

We have prepared a practical curriculum for learning the skills and knowledge to meet the objective ranging from industrial use for business to aerial photography for hobbies. It is possible to acquire qualification. 

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